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Investor Euphoria Over Netflix

Investor Euphoria Over Netflix Netflix (NFLX) a video streaming service, is being bruited about by Wall Street as the next big television network. It has recently surpassed Time Warner Inx. (TWX), with 31 million viewers that pays a subscription fee of $7.99 monthly. The fee includes unlimited access to movies and television series like the Continue Reading »

Investing In Emerging Markets.

Investing In Emerging Markets. There is now a growing trend that a number of investors may be missing out – the rise of emerging markets. The reason is that they tend to bunch the whole group together and treat them as an asset class with BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) in the Continue Reading »

Hyphoon Wipha Struck Kanto Region Of Japan

Hyphoon Wipha Struck Kanto Region Of Japan The powerful typhoon that struck Japan recently led to13 people dead and 38 others unaccounted. Police officials stated that the numbers are more likely to increase in the coming days.  The typhoon lashed out on the Pacific coast, and swept away five houses as a result of floods Continue Reading »

Price Of Gold Related To Government Shut Down

Price Of Gold Related To Government Shut Down With Senate leaders struggling to draft an agreement to restore the government operations and avert a government default, in just a couple of days away —- resulted in gold prices plummeting down to $1,260.61 an ounce last October 11, or a three month low since July 11. Continue Reading »

Stocks Lower As Shut Down Enters 2nd Week

Stocks Lower As Shut Down Enters 2nd Week The global stock market took a plunge as investors jumped out to safer havens —- gold and government bonds — with the situation still looking bleak as the stalemate in Washington entered into its 2nd week. Though traders are jittery, the stock market has remained calm, with Continue Reading »

Twitter IPO

Twitter IPO The Wall Street investors are enjoying an early Thanksgiving as Twitter revealed its IPO on Thursday with the intent to raise $1 billion from the initial sales salvo. The frenzy with which a number of financial analysts went through the 180 page S-1 filing was vicious and exhilarating. The concerns about the numbers Continue Reading »

Toronto Stock Exchange Reation To U.S Government Shut Down.

Toronto Stock Exchange Reation To U.S Government Shut Down. The U.S. Government’s shut down last Monday, resulted in the Toronto’s stock exchange market to close lower at the end of trading hours by midnight. The uncertainties about the effects of such a shutdown resulted to most sectors plummeting down. The S&P/TSX composite index was down Continue Reading »

Medical Marijuana Canada

Medical Marijuana Canada Medical Marijuana In Canada is a huge business. A $1.3 billion cache of medical marijuana will be launched by the Conservative government this Tuesday, thereby providing around half a million of Canadians with high quality weed. The old system of relying on pocket scaled homegrown marijuana, that is often times diverted into Continue Reading »

Twitter Heads IPO

Twitter Heads IPO Twitter, a social media phenomenon that has taken the world in a frenzy, announced recently that it intends to enter the stock market world very soon. The legal filing, that was made confidentially, was a welcome move for many prospective investors and was revealed most naturally — by a tweet from company Continue Reading »

Japans Nuclear Disaster Problems Fukushina

Japans Nuclear Disaster Problems Fukushina Japan’s Nuclear Disaster Problems At Fukushina is a big issue. Japan is facing an insurmountable crisis one after another, as it faces again the next fiasco on its Fukushima nuclear power plant. US nuclear inspector, Dale Klein, is seeking the assistance of foreign experts, but does not see a quick Continue Reading »