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How To Find The Golden Egg With Penny Stock Newsletters

The Golden Egg With Penny Stock Newsletters Trying to find a gold nugget in a pile of heap is a hard thing to do. Just like penny stocks, it takes a lot of hard work to find the real thing than holding on to a pile of straw. There are two ways of sifting through Continue Reading »

Coconut Oil For Alzmeiher’s Cure

Coconut Oil May Cure Alzmeiher's Natural News —It is surprising to know that after being discredited for decades, coconut oil has finally been recognized as healthy oil. It is now vaunted as a means to boost brain capabilities. Vilifying coconut oil for its saturated fat content started in the 1950’s with its then new healthy Continue Reading »

Bullish On Stocks Is The Theme For Young Investors

Bullish On Stocks Normal teenagers, as most hassled parents observe, are pre-occupied with the most mundane things – television, clothes, latest electronic gadgets, and Malling. The American teen actress and singer, Rachel Fox – is different. She is not like most ordinary teenagers. Fox, who is best known for playing Kayla Huntington in the television Continue Reading »

Equities Getting Steady As Fear Of Attacks Decline

Fear Of  Attacks Decline Overview: Equities Getting Steady as Fear of US Attack Declines The stock market hit an uphill climbed yesterday to close flat as panic about the US attack on Syria eased down a bit. Data from the Australia Bureau of Statistics showed private capital expenditures increased by four percent at the end Continue Reading »

10 Uses Of Hemp

Uses Of Hemp Overview There are many uses of hemp. Why is hemp a wonder crop? Well, you know – there are lots of uses for hemp that for reasons other than moronic, its presence is considered illegal in the United States. It has various uses – as clothing, food additive, fuel source alternative, cleaning Continue Reading »

Me, Scared Of Penny Stock Trading?

Penny Stock Trading Could Scare The Uninformed. Many people – investors and traders alike, are of the opinion that trading in penny stocks is risky. There are many reasons – low capitalization (below $100million), low stock price (below $5 in the U.S.), and low trade volume. As may be found in various articles about penny Continue Reading »

JP Morgan’s Commodity Sale

Commodity Sale By JP Morgan CALGARY. Wall Street’s giant, JPMorgan Chase and Company is divesting its interest in the physical commodities market and is currently on the lookout for potential buyers. If this develops, Canada’s oil storage tanks, which represent 25 percent of the company’s long term leases, may unexpectedly become its most valuable trump Continue Reading »

Hemp Oil May Cure Cancer

Could Hemp Oil Cure Cancer? Hemp Oil,  an ordinary  weed that consists of Alpha Lipoic Acid, Iodine, Magnesium Chloride and Sodium Bicarbonate, has now been placed under the prioritized cancer protocol list by the International Medical Veritas Association (IMVA) of the United States.  The oil, which is derived from hemp seeds has been considered as Continue Reading »

Gold Stocks Help Toronto Stock Market

Gold Helps Toronto Stocks TORONTO—The stock market got a boost Tuesday, when it closed higher  – helped along by the recovery in gold stocks which suffered tremendous losses during summer. However, economic concerns pertaining to the Federal Reserve’s moves on cutting back on its bond portfolio pressured traders to be bearish on  oil prices. Market Continue Reading »

ETFs And Stock Market Crash

ETFS Could Impact The Stock Market Crash. Some speculate about a stock market crash. The Federal Reserve, on account of a research paper released by the Central Bank entitled, “Are Leveraged and Inverse ETFs the New Portfolio Insurers?” exhorted that leverage exchange-traded funds (LETFs) could cause the next big market collapse. The paper stirred investors Continue Reading »