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Trading Penny Stocks

Thinking About Trading Penny Stocks? Trading Penny Stocks is not so simple as many traders would think. Penny stocks are low-priced, small-cap stocks with share prices below $5 and with market caps of less than $200 million. Penny stocks are generally considered as a speculative investment, where investors stand to lose all their money at Continue Reading »

How To Read Penny Stock Market Quotes

Learning Penny Stock Quotes Is The Golden Key So you may wondering about Penny Stock Market Quotes. In volatile stock markets, investing can be scary for a novice investor. If you want to learn more about penny stock trading, you will have to go through the basics – like reading stock market quotes and trading Continue Reading »

Apple Goes Up After Carl Icahn Buys A Large Position.

Apples Stock Price Goes Up. Apple goes up after Carl Icahn buys a large position. Billionaire activist investor, Carl Icahn recently gazed on Apple Inc. stocks, which at present remain at 30 % below its peak level of $705.07, reached 11 months ago. Icahn feels that he can help Apple CEO, Tim Cook,  revive the Continue Reading »

A New Gold Rush Due To Currency Wars.

Could Gold Be A Good Investment? A new gold rush: The World Currency War is now happening in our midst, where competition is fierce among developing countries. Some smart alecky players sometimes refer to it, as the onslaught of World Currency War 1, or WCW1. With the on-going war, we need to watch what the Continue Reading »

Legalizing Marijuana May Save U.S Economy, Reduce Drug War Death Statistics, Reduce Prison Population.

Legalizing Marijuana Can Have Many Benefits. What fo you think of Legalizing Marijuana? Dough Fine, author of “Too High to Fail” trekked to Mendocino, California – home of the big growers of marijuana. The county sheriff of the locality sees the growing of pot as a source of earnings not only for his department but Continue Reading »

Treasuries Going Up; Equities Drop.

The Tie Between Treasuries And Equities. Treasuries is a interesting topic. Recent trends in Treasury bills and notes took their queue from stock price movements on last Friday's trading, which showed an increased in prices of government bonds for three consecutive days, as the stock markets went on a downward spiral.. The 10 year Treasury Continue Reading »

U.S. Stock Markets 3 Day Slow Down And Now A Upsurge..

Upsurge In The U.S. Stock Market The U.S. Stock market sprang a surprise on Thursday, after experiencing a three-day downturn, as a result of China’s trade figures that had beaten all expectations. The slide came after indicators on jobless claims was released by Wall Street, and the imminent reduction in bond buying by the Federal Continue Reading »

The Stock Market Gap Up 2013.

Could The Stock Markets Continue To Gap In 2013? In the past several years, we have seen meager growths in the economy, corporate earnings, and wages. But undoubtedly, there is a spiralling uptrend in stock market prices. The bull market has been on the run for a long time now that apprehensions about the stocks Continue Reading »

Legalizing Marijuana Impact To The Society.

Legalizing Marijuana Could Be Beneficial To Society. Legalizing Marijuana and the mpact to the society is a question often asked by many. Author Doug Fine went to Mendocino, California to conduct research for his book “Too High to Fall”. He chose this location because growing marijuana is big business in the area and the county Continue Reading »

Weaponizing Crops Against Insects Risk vs Reward

How Can GMO Effect Our Crops? Crops: Humans have been modifying the genetics of crops plants since ancient times, and have realized that they were since Gregor Mendel's pea experiments. Although those experiments were not appreciated until the 20th Century the earliest case of domestication of plants by humans is a form of genetic modification. Continue Reading »