Marijuana Benefits.

Marijuana Benefits has been talked about for a long time. Here is a special Marijuana report aired on CNN: Here we have a detailed special report by Dr. Sanjay Gupta on the effects of marijuana. He highlights how marijuana can treat deceases such as apostasy amongst other diseases and even in the early stages of research have shown to kill cancer cells. He also highlights the addictive effects it can have if it was smoked on a more frequent and leisure basis. Some people in this video has stated that they would rather smoke marijuana then the other alternatives such has pills and provided by the pharmaceutical complex. This video has shown patients having uncontrollable seizures,after taking marijuana either by smoking or eating it they have stated that the rate in which they get seizures has reduced greatly which in turn would greatly improve their quality of life. Nevertheless there is great contrary over this topic of marijuana and more studies are needed. Marijuana benefits may indeed out weigh the negative aspects

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