Penny Stock News

MINE .0059- This beverage stock surged to an intraday high of .0071 cents before being taken down late in the trading session which saw the stock close at a modest .0059 cents during yesterday's trading session. This stock had been alerted in the past offering VIP members opportunity to accumulate in the low triple zero ranges months earlier. The company anticipates major developments and plans to release multiple news shortly. We expect to see a possible target of up to .03 to .05 cents this year.
ILIV .0025- This stock just recently had a name change and a CEO interview is expected shortly. The stock offered members opportunity to accumulate as low as .0018 cents during Wednesday's trading session. The company released promising news yesterday and Investor Relations has confirmed a series of multiple news is expected over the coming days and/ or weeks ahead. Based on our research we believe this stock could see a rally of up to .01 to .02 cents range this year.
EGOH .0008- This OIL stock with the latest crisis in SYRIA causing surging gas prices continues to garner investor interest. The stock saw some consolidation hitting a low of .0006 cents before attempting recovery which saw the stock close at .0008 cents during yesterday's trading session. The stock was first alerted via our private VIP twitter 0.0008 cents earlier this week and was followed up with our VIP email alert which was released shortly later in the morning during Monday's trading session. With pending news on OIL Wells and other news we expect to see a move up to .0030 to .0040 cents potential in the coming days or weeks ahead.
LATF .0015-  This Marijuana stock hit an intraday high of .0016 cents and closed at .0015 cents during yesterday's trading session. So far the stock hit a high of .0036 cents posting about 75% in potential gains for our VIP team just over two weeks ago and has offered plenty of opportunity for over 100% in potential gains from its lows to its recent highs of .0021 cents. We expect a potential target of up to .02 cents range or better at some point in the coming months ahead