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Trading Review For Aug 30th 2013

ILIV 0.0026: This stock surged to an intraday high of 0.0027 cents and closed at a modest .0026 cents during Friday's trading session. The stock offered GOLD members opportunity to accumulate as low as 0.0018 cents during last Wednesday's trading session. The company released promising news last week and Investor Relations has confirmed a series of multiple news is expected over the coming days and/ or weeks ahead. Based on our research we believe this stock could see a rally of up to .01 to .02 cents range this year. Also a CEO interview was conducted recently. Check our twitter for link to the interview.

EGOH 0.0006: This OIL stock saw some consolidation hitting a low of 0.0005 cents and closed at 0.0006 cents during Friday's trading session. With the latest crisis in SYRIA causing surging gas prices and multiple news pending we expect this stock to rally much higher. With pending news on OIL Wells and other news we expect to see a move up to .0030 to .0040 cents potential in the coming days or weeks ahead.

LATF 0.0014: This Marijuana stock hit an intraday high of 0.0019 cents and closed at 0.0014 cents during Friday's trading session. Marijuana stocks have been hot as of late, keep a keen eye on this one. We expect a potential gains in this stock.

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