Penny Stock News

The markets rallied yesterday going into the Jewish Holiday SPY tested the 164.20 and held and rallied to the max move of 166 move mentioned in yesterday email since this is a 3 day holiday the markets could continue a move higher, watch the 166.40 for resistance

The non farm payroll should be announced and Syria is still being voted by Congress , I think little to no difference what labor decides to put out will move the markets big in any direction , the bottom line is trading the levels that are given for a scalp trade is likely the best risk/reward I will continue to post some trades in the chat room as well.
SPY 165.75 High 166.03 Low 164.13

Master resistance levels 164.20,165.30,166.40, 167.30, 169.30, 171.20, 173.5,0 and 175.20. 

Master support levels 163.50,162.90, 161.20, 160.10, 158.50, 157.70, 155.40, 153.60, 151.30, 149.70, 147.50, 145.80, 143.60, 142.00, 139.80

LGBS .0008 this stock regained its 50 MA .0008 could see a bid entry opportunity for a rinse and repeat still feel the stock should see a considerable reversal .0005 Master support 


Marijuana Stocks


EXMT .0019 the stock mentioned at lows .0011 for entry now trading well over 200% from first mention this weekend placed on the weekly watch list opportunity to add as low as .0011 just this week. The bottom line is opportunity given to PSW members to enter these trades with strategy using patience and disciplined. This is a TREND stock that is in the Marijuana sector and last move went from .0006-.0077 this is likely to happen again OTC pink now the Tier change updated Aug 8 full reporting company as of Aug 30

LATF .0013 yesterday saw a high of .0016 the stock shows support of .0011,watch the .0012 hold on close if not the stock could see a new bottom , the stock offered a scalp opportunity of .0012-.0022 levels finding bottoms are tough but with a summer ending , there is more selling in the market , but overall still feel this is a TREND stock and with strong sector should see a solid reversal.

GOLD STOCKS (GOLD AND SILVER continue breakout)

SAGD .0011 saw a high of .0013 with 16.2 million volume Gold is on fire just broke the 1400 mark Gold stock displaying higher lows the .0008 has held and with recent news of share structure updated and Gold reversing higher past 1300 mark SAGD should be a solid buy here watch for the .0015 mark to break soon, like TLFX the stock has not closed below the .0008 Master support levels ,this stock at some point should see .004-.006 target short to medium term, I am a firm believer of buying a stock when no one else wants it

GGSM .0014 Gold stock offering lows of .0012 slow and steady climb on a close at .002 this is a stock that can move to .01 in one day with buying pressure , mark this post the level 2 is thin and GOLD is hot again

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