Penny Stock Whispers News

Penny Stock Whispers News

Market Update

The stock market rallied higher yesterday on light volume. As mentioned before light volume occurs it usually moves the stock market higher
The Russell 2000 IWM 103.94, and the NASDAQ Composite Index COMPQ 3706.16 led the stock indexes higher so RSP must account this for a short term bullish sentiment in the near term. 
The SPY finished the session 167.63 as mentioned in chat room a close above the 167.30 would signal a move to the 169.30 mark so watch for the move higher and if the 167.30 holds could be a short term bounce entry to the 169.30 for a scalp opportunity

Penny Stock Whispers News

ILIV 0.0019: This stock has already offered opportunity for over 100% in potential gains from our stock mention. Recently the stock had a filing indicating a new employee who has lots of experience in growing a business, we believe him to be a big player and is a positive for ILIV. We see ILIV trading near bottomed levels and we're seeing a reversal pattern which should encourage the company to put out a PR in 1-2 days or sometime this week.

EGOH 0.0005: This stock has been trading side ways recently but with OIL being a hot sector with the Syria crisis and the company continues its operations and rebuilding its revenue stream we should see a rally from current PPS. Continue to watch this stock and if you see a price lower then 0.0005 that could be a excellent buying opportunity.


EXMT 0.0021: We mentioned EXMT at 0.0011 as we noticed this stock going current tier on OTC Markets recently. This stock continues to be one of those hot marijuana stocks as investors continue to garner interest with this stock. We saw a high of 0.0022 and a close of 0.0021. With pending news and filings this stock could continue to go higher as investor interest builds.

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