Market Update

The market rallied higher into September 11 anniversary as expected, members were given the 168.30 level for a scalp to 169.30 on the SPY before market open and that is what the market did , the SPY closed at 169.40 closing at the high of the day watch for the the 170.60 level next as the market likely pushed higher into the weekend
The IWM Russel 2k led the markets 105.01 hitting a high of 105.22 while the QQQ traded flat on AAPL selling on news
watch for the AAPL trade to continue lower , leep an eye on the 408 level on AAPL if it breaks below could very well retest the 390 support
The low volume rally is in effect but watch the 170.60 level for a possible test if it gets near RSP could look to add the SDS

Penny Stock News

EXMT .00011-.0024  the stock mentioned at lows .0011gave PSW members over 200% from first mention this weekend placed on the weekly watch list opportunity to add as low as .0011 just this week. The bottom line is opportunity given to PSW members to enter these trades with strategy using patience and disciplined. This is a TREND stock that is in the Marijuana sector and last move went from .0006-.0077 this is likely to happen again OTC pink now the Tier change updated Aug 8 full reporting company as of Aug 30

SIPC .0012 watch the .0009-.0012 buy zones appears that the selling has dried watch for an entry , rumors of a beverage acquisition and getting to current status on pinks is expected yesterday showed major volume and closed above the 50 DAY MA , watch for the potential move to .009-.01

Watch List

KGRI.0002– This "LOTTO" type triple zero stock mentioned this week. This "LOTTO" type stocks are considered high risk this one does look to have some potential for several hundred percent gains at some point in the coming days or weeks ahead.

EAPH .0085- This Marijuana stock saw some recovery hitting just below .01 cents during yesterday's trading session before closing at a modest .0085 cents. EAPH with its extremely low float of just 62 million shares and strong due diligence certainly shows tremendous potential. With multiple pending news and increased investor interest this could very well be the next SKTO, GRNH, MWIP, MJNA type runner. We see a potential target of about .05 cents range or better in the coming weeks or months ahead.

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