Penny Stock Whispers News

Penny Stock Whispers News

Penny Stock Whispers Update

Recent winners. $AEGY 0.0011-0.0055 $EXMT 0.0011-0.0024 $ILIV 0.0016-0.0039 $TDEY alerted at 0.0016 strong close at 0.002

Penny Stock Whispers News

TDEY 0.002: This stock mentioned Monday morning at 0.0016 has had some massive buzz going on for it recently. With 3D tech being the future of Television and advertising we find that this company who is known for its 2D to 3D conversion tech could see a big price increase. The company also is working on tech that does not require the user to wear 3D glasses to view 3D content. With IPTV sector increasing at a rapid rate and no innovative products we believe TDEY will be a good investment.

ILIV 0.0016: This stock alerted to our GOLD members at 0.0018 hit a high of 0.0039 and retraced giving a second opportunity for members to make a entry at 0.0011. This stock has closed in the 0.0016 price and is a sold stock with a solid SS. Makes for a great trader with longer term potential.

SIPC 0.0011 watch the .0009-.0012 buy zones appears that the selling has dried watch for an entry , rumors of a beverage acquisition and getting to current status on pinks is expected yesterday showed major volume and closed above the 50 DAY MA , watch for the potential move to .009-.01


KGRI.0002– This "LOTTO" type triple zero stock mentioned this week. This "LOTTO" type stocks are considered high, risk this one does look to have some potential for several hundred percent gains at some point in the coming days or weeks ahead but is highly risky. Perhaps a 0.0001 would make a better entry point of entry.

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