Market Update.

The markets rallied heading into the weekend, the SPY gapped higher and then gave PSW team opportunity to scalp at the 166.55 highs mentioned in the chat room for a scalp and closed at the 166 level.
FB (Facebook) 43.95 hit our STOP from entry 42.50 range -$43 hit a stop on a 43.50 close , the stock could test the $45 level, in trading we will have losers there are no 100% guarantees therefore trade the levels do not complain move to the next trade 
We will be patiently looking for setups and abide by STOP levels , the setups are specifically made for PSW traders to minimize losses and maximize profits.

Penny Stock Whispers News.

EXMT .0017 the stock mentioned at lows .0011 for entry now trading well over 200% from first mention this weekend placed on the weekly watch list opportunity to add as low as .0011 just this week. The bottom line is opportunity given to PSW members to enter these trades with strategy using patience and disciplined. This is a TREND stock that is in the Marijuana sector and last move went from .0011-.0077 this is likely to happen again OTC pink now the Tier change updated Aug 8 full reporting company as of Aug 30.

SAGD .0011 saw a high of .0013 with 16.2 million volume Gold is on fire just broke the 1400 mark Gold stock displaying higher lows the .0008 has held and with recent news of share structure updated and Gold reversing higher past 1300 mark SAGD should be a solid buy here watch for the .0015 mark to break soon, like TLFX the stock has not closed below the .0008 Master support levels ,this stock at some point should see .004-.006 target short to medium term, I am a firm believer of buying a stock when no one else wants it.


ILIV .0020- This stock saw some recovery which saw the stock close at .0020 cents during Friday's trading session. The company released promising news recently and Investor Relations has confirmed a series of multiple news is expected over the coming days and/ or weeks ahead. Based on our research we believe this stock could see a rally of up to .01 cents range or better this year.

EGOH .0006- This OIL stock closed at its intraday high of .0006 cents during Friday's trading session. With the latest crisis in SYRIA causing surging gas prices and multiple news pending we expect this stock to rally much higher. The stock was first  at .0008 cents over a week ago giving about 100% in potential gains when it hit .0011 cents before retracing lower. With pending news on OIL Wells and other news we expect to see a move up to .0020 to .0030 cents potential in the coming days or weeks ahead.

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