Penny Stock Whispers Update August 13 2013

VSHC 0.0009: We mentioned this stock at 0.0008 hitting a high of day of 0.0012 up close to 40 percent on the day, the stock is trading extremely thin. The stock had 14,693,990 volume on the day and this points to a good start to what could be a nice run. Members are advise to use their networking skills and to spread this stock in forums, chat rooms, social networks etc.

AEGY 0.0017: This Marijuana stock mentioned to our GOLD members at 0.0010 cents seen highs of 0.0055, recently saw the stock have a pull back as impatient investors sold. This marijuana stock has a very big idea in mind, to create a platform that could dominate the marijuana sector making AEGY the go to place for placing marijuana orders and paying for them, they have even stated that they will make a marijuana social hub for interested parties.