Penny Stock Update

EGOH 0.0009: This oil stock has much potential, with the WAR crisis in Syria oil and gold are currently spiking. EGOH is already at undervalued prices and once they take the 72 oil wells they recently acquired and start producing massive revenues we will no doubt here the good news via a press release. Once that happens the PPS should have a positive effect. Company seems to keep investors informed and with increase tension with Syria OIL stocks will be hot.

ILIV (FEEL) 0.0029: This stock currently did a ticker change from FEEL to ILIV and a name change to Intelligent Living Inc and Change of Domicile From California to Nevada. The stock had a nice trading day with close to 50 million shares traded. The investment community is picking up on this stock. Rumor of CEO interview on this very day. The stock recently hit highs of 0.0039 and we believe with more investor interested and the multi PR's due out it would spark massive interest and the stock can break out into the penny range.

LATF .0015:  This Marijuana stock hit an intraday high of .0017 cents before losing some strength which saw the stock close lower at .0015 cents during yesterday's trading session. We expect a potential target of up to .02 cents range or better at some point in the coming months ahead.

NTEK .09: Our #1 Penny Stock Alert of the year surged higher close to .10 cents before losing some strength which ended in the stock closing slightly lower at 09 cent's during yesterday's trading session. The stock has offered over 20,000%+ in potential gains from our .0006 cents Alert back in December at its recent highs of .1395 cents just over two weeks ago. The stock has also offered re-entry opportunity in the low .046 cents range recently and now looks poised to rally higher. NTEK continues to be our #1 Penny Stock of 2013 as it continues to garner major investor interest. Based on our extensive due diligence conducted along with regular company updates and increased investor interest, we believe NTEK could do extremely well in the future.

SAGD .0009 Gold is on fire just broke the 1400 mark Gold stock displaying higher lows the .0008 has held and with recent news of share structure updated and Gold reversing higher past 1300 mark SAGD should be a solid buy here watch for the .0015 mark to break soon, like TLFX the stock has not closed below the .0008 Master support levels ,this stock at some point should see .004-.006 target short to medium term, I am a firm believer of buying a stock when no one else wants it

Market Trend

The markets saw a major correction yesterday the QQQ (NASDAQ 100) 75.14 and IWM (Russell 2K) 100.76 led this decline. RSP team was short the IWM from 104 and yesterday the patience paid off giving traders plenty of opportunity to add to there position on short opportunity. 
 I thought that we would see low volume push the  markets into Labor but it appears that a dip has already started , and the excuse is the Syria escalation. The SPY ( S&P 500 SPDR ETF) 163.33 levels were given to members for scalps and ultimately buying the SDS ( SPY Ultra Short) 39.18 was given to members when the SPY was at 170.60 range. The scalp opportunities given as well for short term scalps on the SPY 
Brian also mentioned the VIX (Volatility Index) 16.77 pre market saw a sizable move, the bottom line there has been opportunity for RSP members to make profitable trades sticking to discipline and patience when trading these setups are made so members can diligently get into trades at solid support and resistance rather than just buying a stock hoping for it to go higher or fall, it is important for traders to be patient and watch these signals and in the end they pay off.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

-PSW Team.