We have had many great plays and we would like to congratulate all of you. We would like to thank our VIP-Member for participating with us in the penny stock market. We here at Penny Stock Whispers are very grateful for having such a wonderful investment group. We'll continue our outlook on making 2013 a year to remember for us all!

Good day VIP team.
**Notice for VIP Members
As you can see we have changed our strategy recently on the time frame on how we release our picks to the public. It appears to be paying off finally. Our VIP team works best when we keep the plays silent until we go public. Patience and accumulating stocks on the lows is key to success as many of our longer term VIP members already know. Let's make 2013 a year to remember with plenty of profitable picks and much success for everyone. Never mention Penny Stock Whispers alerted a stock to anyone as investors get scared to buy a stock when they know a group is in it. You are free to promote the stock but just don't mention that we alerted it. Thank you.

**A Must Read**-How to be a better trader?
-Try to buy as low as possible. Never chase the stock, instead let the stock come to you. There will in most cases be a pull back at some point.

– If you are up on profit sell at least part of your holdings and lock in profits. Do NOT wait for the "moonshot" which can cause you to lose some or all of your money.

– A good strategy especially for new traders and those with less money to trade is to sell for 80%, 100% to 200% profit. Not every stock will go from .0006 to .0050 so please trade smart. Consistency is key rather than percentage of gains. If you add up 100%-200% profits for each play that all adds up over time leaving you with a growing profitable investment portfolio.

-Never invest most or all of your free money in one stock to limit your risk. As a general rule one should never invest more then $1000-$2000 if they do choose to invest.

Please never use twitter to communicate with us because your tweets are public and anyone would be able to see them. Please use only e-mail to contact us at pennystockwhispers@gmail.com. Also remember not to link Penny Stock Whispers to any stock we alert as this attracts negative attention. If these requests are not followed it could lead to a VIP-GOLD member being banned from Penny Stock Whispers

Penny Stock Updates

TLFX  Telefix Communications Holdin 0.003: This stock has brought a quick percentage increase as investors took kindly to this stock as it is in a multi billion dollar industry, we seen recent highs of 0.0043 from our 0.0019 entry level for the PSW subscribers which brought gains of over 100%. The stock has retracted to the 0.003 levels after a consolidation period but still closed in the green which we find positive. The company has hired stuff in regards to their LTE projects and the company currently has 2 million dollars in assets.

AEGY Alternative Energy 0.0013: This Marijuana stock mentioned last Monday to our VIP team at .0010 cents seen highs of 0.0055 bringing gains of 550% for our members. The stock has recently gone under major support levels of 0.0013 as impatient investors sold and the stock retraced back down. 0.0013 is the 50MA and is also the level that shows a bearish indication of it goes under that level which it did. We seen recent lows of 0.0011 but yet a close of 0.0013, watch for a increase in volume and a move over 0.0013 for a possible indication of a bullish reversal pattern.

LATF Latteno Food Corp 0.0018: This stock mentioned at 0.0031 his hit highs of 0.0036 and retraced as healthy consolidation takes place. This stock has $3.6 million in revenues and that's a 5000% increase from last year and continuing to expand its operations. The price has recently retraced back to 0.0018, watch for signs of a bullish move as this stock is in a hot sector and the share structure is trading thin.

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