AEGY (Alternative Energy).0017: PharmaJanes poised to be the next multi billion dollar platform. This Marijuana stock alerted last Monday to our VIP team at .0010 cents seen highs of 0.0055, recently saw some consolidation during last trading session hitting a low of .0013 cents at its 50 day ma support level before attempting a recovery which saw the stock close at .0017 cents. Earlier last week the stock surged to an impressive intraday high of .0055 cents posting up to 450% in potential gains from our initial .0010 cents Alert.  We expect major news to be released this month. AEGY is involved in the multi billion dollar Marijuana business. VISA and MASTER CARD have refused to become a payment solution for the Marijuana industry and this leaves a great opportunity for AEGY to capitalize. AEGY using its new website and mobile application combined with Simple Prepay can become the center of all transactions in the USA involving legal Marijuana.
While the federal government frowns on this Marijuana movement, State laws are becoming more open minded and as time goes by more and more states are making it legal. AEGY has also announced in a recent filing they will change their name to PharmaJanes soon. Based on our extensive due diligence and after witnessing some "Life Changing" Marijuana runners such as SKTO which ran from triple zeroes to .08 cents and MWIP from .0010 cents to .1274 cents we believe AEGY is no different. We expect to see multiple news updates along with name change and much more and expect a possible target of  about .05 to .10 cents potential in the coming weeks or months ahead this year.


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