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Stocks Lower As Shut Down Enters 2nd Week

Stocks Lower As Shut Down Enters 2nd Week The global stock market took a plunge as investors jumped out to safer havens —- gold and government bonds — with the situation still looking bleak as the stalemate in Washington entered into its 2nd week. Though traders are jittery, the stock market has remained calm, with Continue Reading »

Penny Stock Whispers Update August.28.2013

Penny Stock Update EGOH 0.0009: This oil stock has much potential, with the WAR crisis in Syria oil and gold are currently spiking. EGOH is already at undervalued prices and once they take the 72 oil wells they recently acquired and start producing massive revenues we will no doubt here the good news via a Continue Reading »

A New Gold Rush Due To Currency Wars.

Could Gold Be A Good Investment? A new gold rush: The World Currency War is now happening in our midst, where competition is fierce among developing countries. Some smart alecky players sometimes refer to it, as the onslaught of World Currency War 1, or WCW1. With the on-going war, we need to watch what the Continue Reading »