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Legalizing Marijuana May Save U.S Economy, Reduce Drug War Death Statistics, Reduce Prison Population.

Legalizing Marijuana Can Have Many Benefits. What fo you think of Legalizing Marijuana? Dough Fine, author of “Too High to Fail” trekked to Mendocino, California – home of the big growers of marijuana. The county sheriff of the locality sees the growing of pot as a source of earnings not only for his department but Continue Reading »

Legalizing Marijuana Impact To The Society.

Legalizing Marijuana Could Be Beneficial To Society. Legalizing Marijuana and the mpact to the society is a question often asked by many. Author Doug Fine went to Mendocino, California to conduct research for his book “Too High to Fall”. He chose this location because growing marijuana is big business in the area and the county Continue Reading »

PharmaJanes Poised To Be Next Multi Billion Dollar Platform.

AEGY (Alternative Energy).0017: PharmaJanes poised to be the next multi billion dollar platform. This Marijuana stock alerted last Monday to our VIP team at .0010 cents seen highs of 0.0055, recently saw some consolidation during last trading session hitting a low of .0013 cents at its 50 day ma support level before attempting a recovery Continue Reading »