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Could IDGC Be The Next Canadian Medical Marijuana Monster Runner?

The Canadian Medical Marijuana Industry Poised For Rapid Growth. Health Canada has received 920 applications since June 14, 2013, from companies that want to be licensed producers of medical marijuana under its new regulations. The federal department has approved only 20 licensed producers of medical marijuana, including 13 that currently sell to the Continue Reading »

10 Uses Of Hemp

Uses Of Hemp Overview There are many uses of hemp. Why is hemp a wonder crop? Well, you know – there are lots of uses for hemp that for reasons other than moronic, its presence is considered illegal in the United States. It has various uses – as clothing, food additive, fuel source alternative, cleaning Continue Reading »

Marijuana Benefits May Outweigh The Negitives.

Marijuana Benefits. Marijuana Benefits has been talked about for a long time. Here is a special Marijuana report aired on CNN: Here we have a detailed special report by Dr. Sanjay Gupta on the effects of marijuana. He highlights how marijuana can treat deceases such as apostasy amongst other diseases and even in the early Continue Reading »

Legalizing Marijuana May Save U.S Economy, Reduce Drug War Death Statistics, Reduce Prison Population.

Legalizing Marijuana Can Have Many Benefits. What fo you think of Legalizing Marijuana? Dough Fine, author of “Too High to Fail” trekked to Mendocino, California – home of the big growers of marijuana. The county sheriff of the locality sees the growing of pot as a source of earnings not only for his department but Continue Reading »

Legalizing Marijuana Impact To The Society.

Legalizing Marijuana Could Be Beneficial To Society. Legalizing Marijuana and the mpact to the society is a question often asked by many. Author Doug Fine went to Mendocino, California to conduct research for his book “Too High to Fall”. He chose this location because growing marijuana is big business in the area and the county Continue Reading »