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Penny Stock Whispers VIP Aug.21.2013

We have had many great plays and we would like to congratulate all of you. We would like to thank our VIP-Member for participating with us in the penny stock market. We here at Penny Stock Whispers are very grateful for having such a wonderful investment group. We'll continue our outlook on making 2013 a Continue Reading »

Telefix Communications Ready For Huge Bounce.

Telefix Communications This technology stock now appears to be setting up for a major move. We have discovered some interesting things during our research. The company is in the private sector. TeleFix has acquired contracts with General Dynamics Wireless & IT (2011), Brosna Communications providing Workforce Solutions for Ericsson (July 2012), and had a renewal Continue Reading »

Avoid Misreading The Penny Stock Markets.

Are You Having Problems Reading The Penny Stock Markets. A trader must first learn how to avoid misreading the penny stock markets. Penny stock has been known to move in leaps and bounds. Stock market experts are aware that these types of movements are not generally seen in Blue Chip stocks. This highly volatile investment Continue Reading »