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Penny Stock Whispers Weekend Update For Jan 6 2014 – Jan 10 2014

Penny Stock Whispers Weekend Update For Jan 6 2014 – Jan 10 2014 We hope you all had a great holidays and a happy new years. SREH (Strategic Rare Earth Metals) : This stock mentioned to our GOLD members at 0.0007 as a mid to long term play has already hit highs of 0.0012 and Continue Reading »

How To Find The Golden Egg With Penny Stock Newsletters

The Golden Egg With Penny Stock Newsletters Trying to find a gold nugget in a pile of heap is a hard thing to do. Just like penny stocks, it takes a lot of hard work to find the real thing than holding on to a pile of straw. There are two ways of sifting through Continue Reading »

Telefix Communications Ready For Huge Bounce.

Telefix Communications This technology stock now appears to be setting up for a major move. We have discovered some interesting things during our research. The company is in the private sector. TeleFix has acquired contracts with General Dynamics Wireless & IT (2011), Brosna Communications providing Workforce Solutions for Ericsson (July 2012), and had a renewal Continue Reading »

Trading Penny Stocks

Thinking About Trading Penny Stocks? Trading Penny Stocks is not so simple as many traders would think. Penny stocks are low-priced, small-cap stocks with share prices below $5 and with market caps of less than $200 million. Penny stocks are generally considered as a speculative investment, where investors stand to lose all their money at Continue Reading »

Penny Stock Whispers Update August 13 2013

Penny Stock Whispers Update August 13 2013 VSHC 0.0009: We mentioned this stock at 0.0008 hitting a high of day of 0.0012 up close to 40 percent on the day, the stock is trading extremely thin. The stock had 14,693,990 volume on the day and this points to a good start to what could be Continue Reading »

Focus On What Holds You Back In Penny Stock Trading.

The Eight Common Mistakes That Hold Back Penny Stock Traders Penny stock: Readers you should always focus on what holds you backs in penny stock trading. In our research over the years, we have found a few persistent errors that undermine the average micro-cap trader and prevent an evolution into an awesome penny stocks speculator, Continue Reading »

Avoid Misreading The Penny Stock Markets.

Are You Having Problems Reading The Penny Stock Markets. A trader must first learn how to avoid misreading the penny stock markets. Penny stock has been known to move in leaps and bounds. Stock market experts are aware that these types of movements are not generally seen in Blue Chip stocks. This highly volatile investment Continue Reading »

What Are Penny Stocks.

You May Be Asking Yourself What are Penny Stocks? So What Are Penny Stocks? Penny stocks are common shares of publicly owned companies that trades at prices below US$5 per share. It is usually not listed on the bourse and fails to meet certain criteria mandated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). These stocks Continue Reading »