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Stocks Lower As Shut Down Enters 2nd Week

Stocks Lower As Shut Down Enters 2nd Week The global stock market took a plunge as investors jumped out to safer havens —- gold and government bonds — with the situation still looking bleak as the stalemate in Washington entered into its 2nd week. Though traders are jittery, the stock market has remained calm, with Continue Reading »

Treasuries Going Up; Equities Drop.

The Tie Between Treasuries And Equities. Treasuries is a interesting topic. Recent trends in Treasury bills and notes took their queue from stock price movements on last Friday's trading, which showed an increased in prices of government bonds for three consecutive days, as the stock markets went on a downward spiral.. The 10 year Treasury Continue Reading »

The Stock Market Gap Up 2013.

Could The Stock Markets Continue To Gap In 2013? In the past several years, we have seen meager growths in the economy, corporate earnings, and wages. But undoubtedly, there is a spiralling uptrend in stock market prices. The bull market has been on the run for a long time now that apprehensions about the stocks Continue Reading »