TDEY Poised For Rapid Growth

TDEY Is The Next Major TECH Stock.. The 3D Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK: TDEY) went into a tie-up with iPoint Television, LLC to create an application for smart devices. iPoint TV is a top company on app development and versatile in creating media delivered apps for any kind of smart devices. The company has the license to develop apps for Apple iOS, Google’s Android and TV, Roku Set Top Box, IPoints TVuer HDMI smart stick, and around 30 smart tv brands all over the world. TDEY is targeting its position along these markets by offering media applications – from 3D films, variety shows, advertising platforms, and customized production services to various clients.
The entry of 3D on television are growing by leaps and bounds. Almost all television sets for sale in major mortar stores like Walmart, Best Buy, Cosco, and other stores are offering 3D enabled flat screens. Smart television has a store where they offer media application on display, such as Netflix, Hulu, Google TV among many others. This gives impetus for TDEY to enter into the Smart application market that is now growing in quantum leaps.
Market studies were done to target the proper price for a monthly subscription. The studies showed a price range of between $4.99 to $9.99 per month. Other sources of revenues aside from the monthly subscription fee would be: advertising, digital signature, and select pay per view programs that may be offered by the application. The marketing blitz for TDEY would have an expected due date by year end of 2013.
The ongoing conversion of the 2D to 3D models will help boost the application processes. The application being developed now is built primarily with the 3D television environment in mind. The content though still includes application for the 2D environment. The smart app is the best business model for TDEY to build its market vertically. It will give the company the chance to give way for Hollywood to develop its content as well as having a home for its production. This new innovation will help the company ride the crest of a booming market.
Some leaders in the App community have reiterated the fact that the future of TV entertainment lies in the app market rather than channel selection. Many television stations and broadcast networks are now doing intensive research into the various business models that could enable them to enter into the new smart market. iPoint TV on its own, began the distribution of content via the Internet Protocol since year 2009.
“The tie-up between TDEY and iPoint TV paves the way for providing marketing solutions that will increase earnings for all shareholders. This is a viable tie-up that uses advances in technology and opens up various profitable options in social media, entertainment, and marketing stratification with 3D application.
Mr. Clark Ortiz is the founder of iPoint Television, LLC and Chairman/CEO of Swordfish Financials (OTC: SWRF) who recently announced a joint venture arrangement between the two companies.
"I am honored and happy to be appointed as the new Director, Chief Executive Officer, and President of the 3D Eye Solutions, Inc. (OTC Pink: TDEY). Our team’s background in mass media, technology and smart applications, content development and distribution, should well serve our company’s future that could eventually lead us to a robust growth in terms of great leaps in percentage values," said the young CEO of TDEY, Clark Ortiz.
There has been vast innovation in the entertainment industry in the last decade, which saw the rise of the 3D motion pictures. This new development did not just stop in the cinemas, but trekked further outwards to invade the television screens as well. What followed was that the new generation of 3D mobile phones came, which was viewable without the need of 3D viewing glasses.
With the vast number of mobile applications and technology that were cranked out, the concept of 3D capture had become as important as television viewing itself. Pundits have identified the growing trend of 3D cameras in mobile phones, as well as HD video recording capabilities— as something that would become a rage in the coming years. Business like TDEY are looking towards these new developments closely and aligning its movements so as to ride the crest of new developments in business trends.
“I look forward into coming up with new business plans, re-structuring of organizational setups, and advancement in technology, that could broaden our perspective towards the new forms of communication – Facebook, Twitter, and the use of websites, to increase shareholder awareness. Hopefully, these awareness’s would equate to increases in shareholder confidence and company valuation. This is something that we look forward into the future and we expect to have headway from hereon,” quipped CEO Ortiz.
The mobile 3D market is estimated to grow at more than 547 million units five years from now, as reported by regarding market trends. This was calculated at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 62.2 percent from 2013 to 2018.
The products that would most likely increase are: smart phones and tablets. The 3D-enabled smart phone are seen to rise with a CAGR of 67.2 percent that equates to 341.22 million units by 2018. On the other hand, tablets are seen to rise with a CAGR of 65.9 percent that equates to 103.5 million units also for the same period.
The research tends to signify the potential growth rate of TDEY in the entertainment and distribution niche. Applications for media, as well as specialty programs for games, movies, and 3D signage are a huge market for any society to adjust its sights on. More so, if the expected figure would hover around the one billion mark by the year 2018.
The industry pertaining to the global mobile 3D market, is the driving force that helps catapult the growth of the 3D-enabled smart phones and tablet product lines. The 3D-enabled smart phones reached a sales figure of more than 15.99 million in 2012. It is expected to reach more than 340 million units by 2018. On the other hand, the 3D enabled tablets are expected to reach more than 103 million units by 2018.
The increase in the number of adherents in gaming and video content led to 3D’s popularity in the market today. 3D technology seeks to redefine entertainment, by offering users a high-end experience with the evocative – auto stereo solutions that is inherent in 3D mobile devices. 3D is one significant technology that revolutionizes signage displays in pocket size mobile devices.
TDEY CEO, Clark Ortiz says, “We are setting our sights to become a major player for 3D application in both Media and Gaming technology. We can accomplish this by taking an aggressive strategy in all areas of content creation and distribution.”
The recent developments in the marketplace such as: 3D enabled mobile application and 3D dual lens cameras are fueling the growth in 3D enabled mobile devices. The company is now readying itself to move in and be ready to respond to this growing demand. With this new strategy, it is most probable that the targeted return on investments (ROI) can be easily achieve.
Finally, the new trends in the market are paving the entry of 3D content distribution — films, gaming, sports, and children’s programs. The 3D features are a great come-ons for experiencing great entertainment at high definition levels. The growth in these peripheral areas – 3D films, increase in programming , and gaming — provides vast leeway for market innovation and growth.
The numbers give a clear picture:
· An estimated two out of five homes in Europe, China and the US will have 3D Television by 2015
· The 3D television market is expected to hit $100B plus by the end of 2015
As of the second quarter of 2012, HTC EVO 3D and LG Optimus were released in the market, while Apple is planning to release their version of a 3D camera for all of its iOS units in the latter part of the year.
The 3D Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (OTC Pink: TDEY) discussed recent current corporate developments on the 2D, 3D and Smart Media product lines along with new synergistic relationships that transpired in recent months .

With the new corporate thrust on transparency, TDEY entered into an agreement with All Things Media, a company headed by Mr. Clark Ortiz, who is the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer. This arrangement was designed to capitalize on the Smart Media community of CEO Ortiz and help catapult TDEY into a premier player in the open market.
This move is a natural inclination by most corporations – which is to coalesce, consolidate, and acquire, to help boost their survival in the market place. Among the more recent movements by TDEY, follow:
—–An agreement was entered into between TDEY and iPoint Television, LLC. The latter is also known as iPoint TV and has been engineered to develop 2D and 3D applications for smart devices.On the other hand, iPoint TV entered into an agreement with Omniverse One World Television, Inc., about two weeks ago. The latter holds the distribution rights to sell its standard set top boxes to all radio shacks in the country. In this arrangement, TDEY comes into the picture by providing 3D content and creating an exclusive television channel that will be shown on iPoint TV.
—–Three Dimensional (3D) advertisement without need of 3D glasses has great potential for commercial signage. This technology has been proven to be one commercial success when the right application is used. TDEY intends to go forward with this product line since industry trends show a rising demand in the market for its application. The company seeks to target specialty 3D Eye solution television in public areas as well as specially crafted ads for local businesses.
The market for signage looks promising. For 2013, signage shipment is expected to reach 17.3 million, upped from the 15.4 million and 13.5 million for 2012 and 2011 respectively. Deliveries for the last quarter of 2013 reached 4.3 million – that is worth around $3.8 billion. The market is seen to expand in the next several years, with total shipments expected to hit 25.8 million by the close of 2016.
—–TDEY will be in the forefront as it enters studio production with 3D content that includes — movies, TV shows, and Advertising. The sales figures for 3D television sets had skyrocketed. The figures released by IHIS Screen Digest, a market research company, showed a marked increase in 3D connected TV sets. In 2012, around 25 percent of all television sets sold reached 66 million. Projections for smart tv sales are expected to hit 141 million or half the television sets sold. By 2016, it is projected that around 70 percent of all television sets that will be in the market place would be smart tv.
"The use of 3D content and smart media application are increasing in quantum leaps. Our pool of professionals has a combined media experience of fifty years that covers —3D events, live productions and syndicated shows," says CEO Ortiz. "TDEY have the momentum to make it as one of the key players on 3D content. We are ready to come up with a 3D Broadcast Television Network to go full blast anytime soon."
The 3D Entertainment Holdings, Incorporated (OTC PINK: TDEY) began its new thrust of corporate communication last Friday, 4:30 pm on close of business hours.
Recent moves by the company include – weekly corporate updates to announce business plans and strategies and answer queries via teleconferencing . Questions by stakeholders shall be bounced directly to the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Clark Ortiz.
Shareholders who are interested in participating are enjoined to call up phone number (559) 726-1200. This number has been designated as the official contact access for teleconferencing by the corporate CEO Ortiz with the shareholders.
It would be appreciated if participants can send their questions that they want clarified via email for security purposes, and so the company can better address them. The email address for this purpose has been included in flyers that were previously sent to all stakeholders.
The Tele-Town Hall conference is one corporate strategy whose sole purpose is to convey business information and corporate plans to shareholders. The forum seeks to jump-start the process of educating interested groups about market trends, changing economies, adoption of technologies, and company direction.
With the emerging trends in technology, it is important for everybody to be enlightened of the vast opportunities in the market today. The first agenda of the meeting will zero in on past communications made about the future corporate direction of TDEY.
All queries will be responded to on a first come, first serve basis. CEO Ortiz stated that, “Our business impetus on TDEY requires that continuous dialogue be made with stakeholders to address issues on corporate operation and direction.”
He added, “These dialogues shall also serve as avenues to get feedback from the group so as to fine-tune the company’s core strategies and plans.”
“Press releases that were conducted previously resulted in more questions being asked than answered. It was due to the lack of information that was available then. We believe that this next press release, will address the issues that were unanswered before.” CEO Ortiz clarified further.
When asked to elucidate further, he said, “This next forum will elaborate on the issues more deeply. I am confident of having a viable financial plan, a dedicated team of experts, and a robust and growing market. We believed too, that with this solid internal framework, and a committed group of shareholders, will help catapult the company to propel forward.”
The use of the virtual conference call technology allows a limitless number of participants in one forum at a single time. All these calls will be taken and played back at a specified future date. All these calls will be taken, played back and released via podcast; and subsequently publish over the iTunes platform.
A podcast is offered free to the virtual community. Its platform primarily consists of communications through e-mail which can be re-published on other websites.
“We are in the business of technology and offers media content to clients. It is only proper that we will apply the same technology to disseminate information to our stockholders. We feel excited in having to use this technology. Our team looks to get numerous feedback and questions from our shareholders regarding TDEY.” CEO Ortiz said further. “
The CEO does a conference call every Thursday at 12pm EST