Telefix Communications

This technology stock now appears to be setting up for a major move. We have discovered some interesting things during our research. The company is in the private sector. TeleFix has acquired contracts with General Dynamics Wireless & IT (2011), Brosna Communications providing Workforce Solutions for Ericsson (July 2012), and had a renewal with Notes to Financials Q2 FYE 2013. Goodman Networks(October 2012) as Tier 2 TURF supplier to AT&T work technology stock General Dynamics Wireless & IT Brosna Communications EricssonGoodman Networks AT&T working on LTE upgrades to Cell Towers. The company was also selected as a turn-key supplier for Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) in November 2011. Approvals are pending for Alcatel-Lucent along with other primary wireless carriers. TeleFix is also in the process of bidding on Public Safety Communications (P25-Interoperability), WiFi, and Broadband expansion projects. Government entities focus include federal, state and local entities, transportation – rail and  aviation communications infrastructure. The company has to quickly scale its operational infrastructure to adequately perform to its brand and customer's demands. Back-Office solutions are critical to the success of the operations. The company also has a planned patent filing for 2nd quarter of 2013. We believe TLFX could very well be the next "life changer" penny stock with a target potential of  up to .05 cents range or better.

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