1. I just joined PSW group just a few months ago. I found out about PSW in IHUB looking at a stock that performed extremely well for few days (alerted by PSW). After that day I'm a happy member looking at a portfolio that keeps on growing. Give PSW a try and start getting to know a great group. If not you could be like I was looking at a PSW pick when already skyrocket! Thank you and Glad to be here.
  2. The best penny stock investment group I've ever joined. Been a member for close to 2 years and I'm extremely happy. Keep up the good work!
  3. PSW is the jam! If you are wanting to make some cash playing penny stocks there is not a better team to be apart of!
  4. I never had any luck trading penny stocks by myself, until I joined PSW, and now I'm finally making a profit from their stocks picks. Thanks, PSW!!
  5. All Whispers stock alerts were epic and made me good money. Matter of fact, I can't remember them alerting a bad stock since I signed up for a Gold membership months ago. Well done guys!
  6. The real deal and worth every penny for VIP Gold membership! I look forward to every alert because I know the chances are extremely favorable that I will make money on it! SUPER THANKS PSW! Keep up the great work!
  7. I'll take the opportunity to compliment you on your business model. I am learning so much which only makes your service more valuable as we become a tighter group, and well, it's a blast... thanks! I made a ton of mistakes trying to trade by myself and I have lost a lot of money too, but now knowing what to look for I am way more successful. And having you actually helping us through each day is phenomenal. You are brilliant. Whoever your mentor is is giving you really good advice. I applaud your success and I am very grateful to be part of PSW!
  8. As novice investors, We took a risk and joined penny stock whispers. Turns out we made a good gamble with lots of winning picks. We averaged just over $1700 a month in the first 3 months since joining.
    Andrew & Marie
  9. Looking at all the past winners I sure glad I came across this investment group a few months ago. With plenty of support and great stock picks I sure am happy to be a member. Thanks for all the hard work PSW!
    Penny Pincher
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