coconut oil

coconut oil

Coconut Oil May Cure Alzmeiher's

Natural News —It is surprising to know that after being discredited for decades, coconut oil has finally been recognized as healthy oil. It is now vaunted as a means to boost brain capabilities. Vilifying coconut oil for its saturated fat content started in the 1950’s with its then new healthy eating trends of – no fats, margarine, hydrogenated trans-rich oils, and salad oils – which has all been proven to be bad for health.

Types of Triglycerides in Fats

Health issues with high triglyceride levels in the blood, are warning signals for those who are extremely obese, diabetic and with heart ailments. Most food staples have a long chain of triglycerides (LCT) levels  that are difficult to metabolize and can result to fatty deposits over a long run.
LCTs contain 14 to 18 chains of carbon atoms; and coconut oil has a medium chain of triglycerides (MCTs),  that the liver can easily assimilate to produce ketone bodies. The latter replaces glucose or blood sugar as metabolic fuel.
As we grow older, our brain's capability to metabolize glucose for energy conversion decreases. This is especially true for those suffering from metabolic disorders or resistance to insulin. If this happens, MCT-created ketones can be used as a replacement  for cellular fuel in the brain when glucose becomes unavailable.

Coconut Oil As Means To Improve Cognitive Function

As far back as 2004, the coconut oil’s ability to improve the cognitive functions among the elderly  have been researched and published in the journal, Neurology of Aging. These studies have shown of the natural oil’s ability to improve  the memory problems of those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.
The researchers studied 20 subjects and fed them coconut oil or placebos for different days. Some members of the group demonstrated remarkable improvement on their Alzheimer's Cognitive Rating Scale; but all of them have better paragraph recall after taking a dose of coconut oil.
This research was performed on a short term basis. The team produced a prompt positive response to the memory outcome from a single dose of coconut oil as compared to placebos.
So, how come these findings were not publicized and made known to the public? The reason was because, some big pharmaceutical firms were then developing and patenting  ketone producing medication for the Alzheimer’s market.
A True Story on the Coconut Oil’s Effectivity
Dr. Mary Newport,  a medical practitioner,  developed problems with her husband  in 2009-10, who had a severe case of Alzheimer. He could not draw simple illustrations or perform routine personal functions without close monitoring.
The Alzheimer’s drug that was introduced in the market in 2004 was not effective. Dr. Newport tried to get him into trial with the Alzheimer’s drug that was then being developed. However, his condition was so bad, that he did not qualify.
Dr. Newport found out that this new drug contains a synthetic version of MCT to enable the creation of ketone bodies which help improved the brain function. Upon further research, she found out that these same MCTs are contained in palm and coconut oil.
The husband was fed coconut oil, and he showed a remarkable improvement from the state of dementia – like being able to complete simple tasks and remember people and events.
Dr. Newport observed that a twice a day dosage at eight hours apart were enough to heal her husband. The required dosage of the pharmaceutical companies was given every three hours. (
If her husband enrolled in that 2009-10 Alzheimer’s drug trial, he would have died in the process. That drug trial was terminated early because of nine deaths that resulted due to intake at higher dosage.

Dr. Newport’s experiment  and her eventual success , placed coconut oil as the choice for the treatment of dementia over other more expensive and harmful drugs. Because the cure went viral over the internet, other patients who are having memory problems or Alzheimers have benefitted in the use of coconut oil for treatment with no side effects.

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